Colin Wallace - After HQNI

After HQNI

Wallace resigned from the Civil Service in 1975 in order to avoid disciplinary action, ostensibly for privately briefing journalists with classified information. Wallace always claimed that this action was consistent with his secret job duties as a member of the Intelligence Services and that the real reasons for his dismissal were related to his refusal to continue working on the 'Clockwork Orange' project in October 1974 and his investigation of a child abuse scandal at the Kincora boy's home, which he claims was blocked because the leading perpetrator was both a leading member of a loyalist paramilitary group and an undercover agent for MI5.

In the 1980s, however, Wallace produced some documents, including a series of handwritten notes by himself, which he claimed were taken at meetings with other members of the plot, including the Member of Parliament Airey Neave. The notes were later subjected to an independent forensic analysis by Dr Julius Grant, and the results were consistent with the notes having been made contemporaneously during the 1970s.

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