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Dog-whistle Politics - History and Usage - United States
... One group of alleged code words in the United States is claimed to appeal to racism of the intended audience ... in the United States, was described by David Greenberg in Slate as "code words" for institutionalized segregation and racism ... Hillary Clinton's campaign's reliance on code words and innuendo seemingly designed to frame Barack Obama's race as problematic, saying Obama was characterized by the Clinton campaign and its prominent ...
Polynomial Code - Example
... Consider the polynomial code over with, and generator polynomial ... This code consists of the following code words Or written explicitly Equivalently, expressed as strings of binary digits, the codewords are Note that this, as ... linear combinations of code words are again code words ...
PDF417 - Comparison With Other Symbologies
... need the left and right columns with the start and stop code words ... Also, each code word must indicate which row it belongs to so crossovers, when they occur, can be detected ... The code words are also designed to be delta-decodable, so some code words are redundant ...
NATO Phonetic Alphabet - Code Words - Pronunciation
... spelled out (that is, 17 is "1-7" and 60 is "6-0"), while for hundreds and thousands the English words hundred and thousand are used ...
Polynomial Code - Encoding
... In a polynomial code over with code length and generator polynomial of degree, there will be exactly code words ... Indeed, by definition, is a code word if and only if it is of the form, where (the quotient) is of degree less than ... are such quotients available, there is the same number of possible code words ...

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    Let us eat and drink; for to morrow we shall die.
    —Bible: Hebrew Isaiah 22:13.

    Almost the same words are found in 1 Corinthians 15:32.

    Faultless honesty is a sine qua non of business life. Not alone the honesty according to the moral code and the Bible. When I speak of honesty I refer to the small, hidden, evasive meannesses of our natures. I speak of the honesty of ourselves to ourselves.
    Alice Foote MacDougall (1867–1945)