Code Saturne

Code Saturne

Code_Saturne is a general purpose computational fluid dynamics free computer software package. Developed since 1997 at EDF R&D, Code_Saturne is distributed under the GNU GPL licence. It is based on a co-located Finite Volume approach that accepts meshes with any type of cell (tetrahedral, hexahedral, prismatic, pyramidal, polyhedral…) and any type of grid structure (unstructured, block structured, hybrid, conforming or with hanging nodes…).

Its basic capabilities enable the handling of either incompressible or expandable flows with or without heat transfer and turbulence (mixing length, 2-equation models, v2f, Reynolds stress models, Large eddy simulation…). Dedicated modules are available for specific physics such as radiative heat transfer, combustion (gas, coal, heavy fuel oil, …), magneto-hydro dynamics, compressible flows, two-phase flows (Euler-Lagrange approach with two-way coupling), extensions to specific applications (e.g. for atmospheric environment).

Code_Saturne can be coupled to thermal software SYRTHES for conjugate heat transfer. It can also be used jointly with structural analysis software Code_Aster, in particular in the Salomé platform. SYRTHES and Code_Aster are developed by EDF and distributed under the GNU GPL licence.

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