Cluster Chemistry - Stereodynamics of Clusters - Appendix: Examples of Reactions Catalysed By Transition Metal Carbonyl Clusters

Appendix: Examples of Reactions Catalysed By Transition Metal Carbonyl Clusters

Although metal carbonyl clusters are rarely used, they have been subjected to many studies aimed at demonstrating their reactivity. Some of these examples include the following

Reaction Core Metals Catalyst Reference
Alkene hydroformylation Mo-Rh Mo2RhCp3(CO)5
Alkene hydroformylation Rh Rh4(CO)10+x(PPh3)2-x (x=0,2)
CO hydrogenation Ru-Os H2RuOs3(CO)13
CO hydrogenation Ru-Co RuCo2(CO)11
CO hydrogenation Ir Ir4(CO)12
CO hydrogenation Fe Fe3(CO)12
Alkene hydrogenation Os-Ni H3Os3NiCp(CO)9
Alkene hydrogenation Ni Ni2+xCp2+x(CO)2 (x=0,1)
Alkyne hydrogenation Os-Ni Os3Ni3Cp3(CO)9
Hydrogenation of aromatics Ni Ni2+xCp2+x(CO)2 (x=0,1)
Acetaldehyde hydrogenation Ni Ni4(Me3CNC)7
Alkene isomerization V-Cr VCrCp3(CO)3
Hydrocarbon isomerization Fe-Pt Fe2Pt(CO)6(NO)2(Me3CNC)2
Butane hydrogenolysis Rh-Ir Rh3+xIr3-x(CO)16 (x=0,1,2)
Methanol hydrocarbonylation Ru-Co Ru2Co2(CO)13
Hydrodesulfurization Mo-Fe Mo2Fe2S2Cp2(CO)8
CO and CO2 methanation Ru-Co HRuCo3(CO)12
Ammonia synthesis Ru-Ni H3Ru3NiCp(CO)9

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