Clearance Diver

A clearance diver was originally a specialist naval diver who used explosives underwater to remove obstructions to make harbours and shipping channels safe to navigate, but later the term "clearance diver" was used to include other naval underwater work. Units of clearance divers were first formed during and after the Second World War to clear ports and harbours in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe of unexploded ordnance and shipwrecks and booby traps laid by the Germans.

Within the Royal Navy there are two distinct types of professional military diver and although the selection process for both is similar the overall training is more extensive for the RN Clearance Diver. The major distinction between the two is the level and depth of training and consequently the role of each. The qualification of Ship's Diver is usually a sub-qualification obtained in addition to the seaman's main trade, whereas the RN Clearance Diver is a full time diving specialist (Maj R Cameron-Wilton)

In some navies, including Britain's Royal Navy (RN), work divers, which includes Ship's divers must have a line and a linesman when possible.

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