Clásico Del Astillero

The Clásico del Astillero (English: The Shipyard Derby) also known as the "El Clásico Ecuatoriano" (English: The Ecuadorian Classic) is the most important and historic football rivalry in Ecuador between Barcelona & Emelec, both from Guayaquil, the largest and the most populous city in Ecuador, with about 2.3 million inhabitants in the city and nearly 3.1 million in the metropolitan area, as well as that nation's main port. This derby is also called "El partido inmortal del fútbol Ecuatoriano" (English: The immortal Ecuadorian football game).

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Clásico Del Astillero - Statistics
... Special Clasicos Emelec beat Barcelona in the Clasico played for finals of the official inauguration tournament organized by Barcelona when the Estadio Monumental was opened in 1987. ...