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Todays Organ

By the Otter organ from 1788 is the flattened back positive on the gallery balustrade and Michael figure was taken in the following order and new buildings. Before the restoration of the church in the '80s, including Michael figure base was added to the restoration of W. Furrer Brig. The figure shows the Archangel Michael fighting Lucifer dar. were removed during the restoration of some facade pipes. The figure and these pipes have survived as the only fire in 1984. But there were some photographs and exact measurements of the Rückpositiv that enabled the reconstruction.

The submission documents were sent to six organ builder. The budget amounted to 680,000 Swiss francs, 500,000 francs for the organ, for carving, gilding and marbling 150,000 francs and 30,000 francs for organ experts. The contract was awarded to the company Metzler organ AG in Dietikon. The organ should be reconstructed based on the photographs of Otter Rückpositiv. Also, all existing parts (Michael figure and organ pipes) should be reintegrated into the organ. The main and pedal mechanism should be stylistically and in detail adapted to the reconstructed back positive.

The improved conditions in the gallery space and the higher ceiling, the main body could be adapted to the new proportions. Based on the old organ by Franz Joseph Otter main housing was provided with two large lateral towers. The pedal assembly was placed in these two towers and divided into a C-and Cis-side. Between these two side towers is the main manual. The main factory brochure was designed with a raised central tower and sets as a counterpoint to the positive feedback. Michael then the restored figure was set to this central tower. The third manual was placed invisibly in a separate case from the front as the swell behind the main plant. The play table with a purely mechanical slot and key was placed in the base of the main body. A classic wind supply swimming without these pathologies and Regulators found under the canopy of the main entrance into place.

The housing was built from resonanzfähigem softwood. Details, carvings and other profiles were developed from the documentation of the old Rückpositiv. The marbling and the other color scheme however, were matched to the side altars to create a harmonious overall picture in the interior of the church.

The pipes are made of different metal alloys for the tone of importance. There are, for example, brochure from nearly pure tin flutes and flute registers of almost pure lead. Similarly, the wooden organ pipes.

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