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Christian Anarchism - Present-day Christian Anarchist Groups - Catholic Worker Movement
1930s, the Catholic Worker Movement is a Christian movement dedicated to nonviolence, personalism and voluntary poverty ... of the Catholic Worker Movement The Catholic Worker considered itself a Christian anarchist movement ... having by choice distanced itself from Christian perfectionism, forfeited its ultimate authority over the citizen...Catholic Worker anarchism followed Christ as a model of nonviolent ...

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    Lady Dynamite, let’s dance quickly,
    Let’s dance and sing and dynamite everything!
    —French anarchist song of the 1880s.

    I’ve almost gained my heav’nly home; My spirit loudly sings;
    The holy ones behold they come, I hear the noise of wings.
    O come, angel band, Come and around me stand.
    O bear me away on your snowy wings, To my immortal home.
    T. Haskell, minister and hymn-writer. Published in Christian Harmony. “Angel Band,” l. 5-8.