Chota may refer to:

  • Chota (Cherokee town), which once existed in present-day Monroe County, Tennessee
  • Chota, Ecuador
  • Chota, Peru
  • Chota Province, a province of the Cajamarca Region in Peru
  • Chota (automobile), an English automobile
  • a dialect of the Sadri language
  • Platoon in Ukrainian; see sotnia
  • Spanish slang for police
  • Jamaican (patois) slang for the small skin flap between a man's anus and testicles

Other articles related to "chota":

Chota, Peru
... Chota is a town in Northern Peru, capital of the province Chota in the region Cajamarca ... The city is the seat of the Territorial Prelature of Chota ...
Llama District, Chota
... Llama District is one of nineteen districts of the province Chota in Peru. ...
Chota (Cherokee Town) - History - Rise of Chota
... Chota doesn't appear in historical records until around 1745 ... Overhill territory in the 1720s and 1730s, but Chota doesn't, which suggests that Chota may have been part of Tanasi, or may not have been considered a ... Old Hop, the head man at Chota, began to consolidate power, and by 1753 Chota had usurped Great Tellico as the "mother town" of the Overhill Cherokee ...
Chota District - History
... The pre-Incan history of Chota clearly shows the influence of Mochica Chavín Miguel Cabello de Balboa in his Miscelánea Antárctica described their god Chota as a "ma ... the war with Chile, after the battle of San Pablo when the Araucanian entered Chota, the people decided to poison the waters of Colpamayo ... Chileans ordered the burning of Chota, August 29, 1882 in retaliation for the defeat they suffered at San Pablo ...
Roman Catholic Territorial Prelature Of Chota
... The Territorial Prelature of Chota (Latin Praelatura Territorialis Chotensis) is a Roman Catholic territorial prelature located in the city of Chota in the Ecclesiastical province of Piura in Peru ...