Chopat - Cowry Shells

Cowry Shells

All seven cowry shells are used in each throw.
Scoring is as follows:
All 7 facing down – 7 points
1 facing up, 6 facing down – 11 points
2 facing up, 5 facing down – 2 points
3 facing up, 4 facing down – 3 points
4 facing up, 3 facing down – 4 points
5 facing up, 2 facing down – 25 points
6 facing up, 1 facing down – 30 points
All 7 facing up – 14 points

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Maldivian Rufiyaa - History
... The earliest form of currency used in the Maldives was cowry shells (Cypraea moneta) and historical accounts of travellers indicate that they were traded in ... Ibn Batuta (AD 1344) observed that more than 40 ships loaded with cowry shells were exported each year ... A single gold dinar was worth 400,000 shells ...

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