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Malaiyamān Thirumudi Kāri - Turn of Events
... He began to overshadow the Chola King Killi Valavan ... This prompted the Chola king to check Kaari's growth with an invasion on Thirukkoiloor ... As a result the Cholas lost 10,000 soldiers in the first five days of the war ...
Chola Kingdom - History - Medieval Cholas
... While there is little reliable information on the Cholas during the period between the early Cholas and Vijayalaya dynasties, there is an abundance of materials from diverse sources on the Vijayalaya and the ... A large number of stone inscriptions by the Cholas themselves and by their rival kings, Pandyas and Chalukyas, and copper-plate grants, have been instrumental in constructing the history of ... and eventually established the imperial line of the medieval Cholas ...
Manu Needhi Cholan
... Cholan, also known as Elara, was a legendary Chola king believed to have killed his own son to provide justice to a Cow.Legend has it that the king hung a giant bell in front of his courtroom for anyone needing ... Kalvettu recount that Kulakkottan, an early Chola king and descendant of Manu Needhi Cholan, was the restorer of the ruined Koneswaram temple and tank at Trincomalee in 438 A.D ... the 'MahaVamsa', a historical poem of the Kings of Sri Lanka, tells of a Chola King who had identities similar to ManuNeedhi ...
Legend Of Tirumala - Curse of Chola King
... her to sell the cow and calf to the king of the Chola country assuming the form of a cowherdess ... The Chola king sent the cow and its calf to graze on the Venkata Hill along with his herd of cattle ... On the death of the cowherd, the cow returned to the king with blood stains on her body, bellowing in the presence of the Chola King ...
Chola Kingdom - Cultural Contributions - Religion
... In general, Cholas were the adherents of Hinduism ... rise of Buddhism and Jainism as were the kings of the Pallava and Pandya dynasties ... Even the early Cholas followed a version of the classical Hindu faith ...

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