Choke Point

In military strategy, a choke point (or chokepoint) is a geographical feature on land such as a valley, defile or a bridge, or at sea such as a strait which an armed force is forced to pass, sometimes on a substantially narrower front, and therefore greatly decreasing its combat power, in order to reach its objective. A choke point would allow a numerically inferior defending force to successfully prevent a larger opponent because the attacker would not be able to bring their superior numbers to bear.

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Choke Point - Importance
... Choke points remain a prominent issue today in the global economy and shipments of goods, particularly oil ... The Royal Navy also deem their choke points to the Atlantic as strategically important to this day ...
Real-time Locating System - Locating Concepts - Locating At Choke Points
... The simplest form of choke point locating is where short range ID signals from a moving tag are received by a single fixed reader in a sensory network, thus ... Alternately, a choke point identifier can be received by the moving tag, and then relayed, usually via a second wireless channel, to a location processor ... defined by the sphere spanned with the reach of the choke point transmitter or receiver ...

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