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Dress Uniform - United States - U.S. Coast Guard
... with distinctive Coast Guard insignia, primarily distinctive cap devices for officers and chief petty officers, incorporation of the Coast Guard shield in lieu of line or staff corps ... Blue uniform was introduced for wear by both officers and enlisted personnel the transition was completed during 1974 ... pockets, enhanced shoulder boards for officers, and pin-on collar insignia for Chief Petty Officers and enlisted personnel is worn when in shirt-sleeve order (known as ...
CPO Command Identification Badge
... Coast Guard badges which are issued to the most senior Chief Petty Officer in a given U.S ... with word “Command” on its face with a Chief Petty Officer anchor showing the foiled anchor insignia of the bearer ... E-7 CPOs display the anchor, Senior Chief Petty Officers the anchor with star and Master Chief Petty Officers the anchor with two stars ...
National Chief Petty Officers Association
... The National Chief Petty Officers Association (NCPOA) was founded in 1988 to provide a platform for airing issues which affect active duty, retired, and/or veteran Chief Petty Officers ... those who have served or are serving as Chief Petty Officers in the United States Navy, United States Coast Guard or the Reserve Components of those services and who ...
Mess Dress - United States - U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine, and Other Uniformed Services
... Officers and chief petty officers of the U.S ... Additionally, officers and chief petty officers wear an evening shirt and black bow tie with dinner dress blue ... jacket and dinner dress white jacket consist of a black waist-length jacket with gold buttons (officer) or silver buttons (petty officer first class and below) ...

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