Chest Wall

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Chest Wall Oscillation
... deflate the vest rhythmically at timed intervals and thus imposes high frequency chest wall oscillations that are transferred to the lungs ...
Pleurisy - Treatment - Procedures
... hollow, plastic tube is inserted through the ribs in the back of the chest into the chest wall ... A syringe is attached to draw fluid out of the chest ... When larger amounts of fluid must be removed, a chest tube may be inserted through the chest wall ...
Subcutaneous Emphysema - Causes - Trauma
... Chest trauma, a major cause of subcutaneous emphysema, can cause air to enter the skin of the chest wall from the neck or lung ... When the pleural membranes are punctured, as occurs in penetrating trauma of the chest, air may travel from the lung to the muscles and subcutaneous tissue of the chest wall ... lining the lung), to the hilum of the lung, up to the trachea, to the neck and then to the chest wall ...
Pulmonary Contusion - History
... that was not accompanied by injury to the chest wall overlying it ... many casualties with no external signs of chest injury but with significant bleeding in the lungs ... These findings suggested that an impact to the outside of the chest wall was responsible for the internal lesions ...
Pleurisy - Diagnosis - Diagnostic Tests
... Chest x-ray A chest x-ray takes a picture of the heart and lungs ... It may show where fluid is located in the chest ... The procedure to remove fluid in the chest is called thoracentesis ...

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