Charles VI

Charles VI may refer to:

  • Charles VI of France, "the Well-Beloved" and "The Mad King" (1368–1422)
  • Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor and VI of Naples (1685–1740)
  • Infante Carlos, Count of Montemolin (1818–1861), pretender to the throne of Spain, styled "Charles VI" by Carlists
  • Charles VI (opera), an opera by Fromental Halévy

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Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor - Ancestors
... Ancestors of Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor 16 ... Charles II of Austria 8 ... Charles II of Austria (= 16) 11 ...
Tuzk-e-Taimuri - Exchanges With Europe
... The French archives preserve A 30 July 1402 letter from Timur to Charles VI of France, suggesting that he send traders to the Orient ... This is a Latin transcription of a letter from Timur to Charles VI, and another from Amiza Miranchah, his son, to the Christian princes, announcing their victory over Bayezid ... A copy has been kept of the answer of Charles VI to Timur, dated 15 June 1403 ...
Odette De Champdivers - Life - Royal Mistress (1407-1422)
1407 the seventeen-year-old Odette became the mistress of King Charles VI after the death of his brother Louis I, Duke of Orléans, Burgundy's rival ... Odette and Charles VI had only one daughter together, called Marguerite, who was born by the end of 1407 ... Called la petite reine — "the little queen" — by Charles's court, Odette was described as a lively, beautiful young woman with a gentle disposition ...
... were generally named for their obverse design and the écu a la chaise which Philip VI introduced in 1337 showed a shield with the coat of arms of the kings of France ... Charles VI ended the practice of frequently changing gold coin designs, but not of tampering with their weight and value, with his écu à la couronne in 1385 ... Charles VI’s father had scored major gains against the English but had passed the cost on to his children ...
British Claims To The French Throne
... Edward III, who claimed the throne of France after the death of his uncle Charles IV of France, thereby precipitating the Hundred Years' War ... At the time of Charles IV's death in 1328, Edward was his nearest male relative through Edward's mother Isabella of France ... At the time of Charles's death in 1328, there was once again a dispute over the succession ...