Charles Bukowski - Major Biographies and Bibliographies

Major Biographies and Bibliographies

  • Hugh FoxCharles Bukowski: A Critical and Bibliographical Study (1969)
  • Neeli CherkovskiHank: The Life of Charles Bukowski (1991)
  • Russell HarrisonAgainst The American Dream: Essays on Charles Bukowski (1994)
  • Gay BrewerCharles Bukowski: Twayne's United States Authors Series (1997)
  • Howard Sounes – Charles Bukowski: Locked in the Arms of a Crazy Life (1998)
  • Ben PleasantsVisceral Bukowski (2004)
  • David Charlson – Charles Bukowski: Autobiographer, Gender Critic, Iconoclast
  • Aaron Krumhansl – A Descriptive Bibliography of the Primary Publications of Charles Bukowski (Black Sparrow Press, 1999)
  • Al Fogel – Charles Bukowski: A Comprehensive Price Guide & Checklist, 1944–1999 (2000)
  • Sanford Dorbin – A Bibliography of Charles Bukowski (Black Sparrow Press, 1969)
  • Pamela Wood – "Charles Bukowski's Scarlet" (Sun Dog Press, 2010; ISBN 978-0-941543-58-3)
  • Abel Debritto, 'An Unholy Alliance: The Early Days of Charles Bukowski and Black Sparrow Press', in Parenthesis; 19 (2010 Autumn), p.42-45

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