Charge Distribution

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Multipole Expansion of A Potential Outside An Electrostatic Charge Distribution - Spherical Form
... The potential V(R) at a point R outside the charge distribution, i.e ... We define the spherical multipole moment of the charge distribution as follows Note that a multipole moment is solely determined by the charge distribution (t ... expansion of the field V(R) at the point R outside the charge distribution is given by This expansion is completely general in that it gives a closed form for all terms, not ...
Spherical Multipole Moments - Interaction Energies of Spherical Multipoles
... for the interaction energy of two non-overlapping but concentric charge distributions can be derived ... Let the first charge distribution be centered on the origin and lie entirely within the second charge distribution ... The interaction energy between any two static charge distributions is defined by The potential of the first (central) charge distribution may be expanded in exterior multipoles where represents ...
Hellmann–Feynman Theorem - Example Applications - Van Der Waals Forces
... "Van der Waals's forces can also be interpreted as arising from charge distributions with higher concentration between the nuclei ... R, large compared to the radii of the atoms, leads to the result that the charge distribution of each is distorted from central symmetry, a dipole moment of order 1 ... The negative charge distribution of each atom has its center of gravity moved slightly toward the other ...
Marcus Theory - The Marcus Model
... transfer is the rearrangement of charges, and this gravely influences the solvent environment ... solvent molecules rearrange in the direction of the field of the charges (this is called orientation polarisation), and also the atoms and electrons in the solvent molecules ... but also in the fact that the movements of the nuclei and the shift of charges (charge transfer, CT) on the reactions path take place in a continuous and concerted way nuclear configurations and ...

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