Changing Breed - Introduction


Though the most widespread, Garou are not the only shapeshifters in the World of Darkness. The Fera (also called the Changing Breeds) is a term used by Garou to refer to other shapechangers. The affiliation of these other beings is not necessarily to Gaia but this is largely the case.

In several parts of the world, the Fera gather in groups not unlike the Garou Nation. These regional groups band together in their battles against the Wyrm.

In Asia, the Beast Courts band together to defend the Emerald Mother from the Great Centipede. While they do not always get along, these Hengeyokai know that their cooperation with one another will one day save their homeland from the devastation of the coming Sixth Age. Among these group are also Garou, specifically the Hakken. The Hakken are a Shadowlord-offshot with bushido-like lifestyle. Other Garou that live in Asia are the Silver Fangs of House Blood Red Crest and the Glass Walkers of Hong Kong. Their relationship to the Hengeyokai Beast Courts is, however, never detailed.

In Africa the newer Ahadi has risen to defend the Dark Continent from the forces of the Wyrm. Originally a loose alliance of Fera dedicated to the destruction of the tyrant Simba King Black Tooth and his Pride, the Endless Storm, the Ahadi has grown to become a confederation of Changing Breeds.

Bad relations still remain from the War of Rage that the Garou waged upon several other Fera. Several Fera have been exterminated during the War of Rage and many other Fera had their numbers decimated to an amount that they are even today few in numbers, although the War of Rage was in prehistoric times. All Fera are wary around Garou and any werewolves have their work cut out for them in gaining the trust of a group of Fera.

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