Chain Pumps

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Ma Jun - Engineering and Technological Achievements
... Ma Jun was also responsible for the construction of square-pallet chain pumps meant for irrigation ... engineer Bi Lan to construct a series of chain pumps outside the capital city of Luoyang, used for irrigation and means of fresh water source ... Ma Jun constructed his square-pallet chain pumps to water newly designated garden space established within Luoyang by Emperor Ming of Wei (Cao Rui) ...
Al-Jazari - Water-raising Machines - Saqiya Chain Pumps
... The first known use of a crankshaft in a chain pump was in one of al-Jazari's saqiya machines ... first implied in one of al-Jazari's saqiya chain pumps, which was for the purpose of maximising the efficiency of the saqiya chain pump ... Al-Jazari also constructed a water-raising saqiya chain pump which was run by hydropower rather than manual labour, though the Chinese were also using hydropower for chain ...

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    the rusty
    Pump pumps over your sweating face the clear
    Water, cold, so cold! you cup your hands
    And gulp from them the dailiness of life.
    Randall Jarrell (1914–1965)

    The name of the town isn’t important. It’s the one that’s just twenty-eight minutes from the big city. Twenty-three if you catch the morning express. It’s on a river and it’s got houses and stores and churches. And a main street. Nothing fancy like Broadway or Market, just plain Broadway. Drug, dry good, shoes. Those horrible little chain stores that breed like rabbits.
    Joseph L. Mankiewicz (1909–1993)