Chagai may refer to:

  • Chagai District, the largest district of Pakistan
  • Chagai Hills, the mountainous region north of Balochistan Province, Pakistan
  • Chagai, Pakistan, the capital of Chagai District
  • Chagai-I, the codename first nuclear weapon tests
  • Chagai-II, the second nuclear weapon test.

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Samar Mubarak Mand
... performing the country's first and successful atomic tests (see Chagai-I and Chagai-II) in the Chagai weapon testing laboratories, located in the Balochistan Province of Pakistan ...
... Chagai-I is the name given to the five underground nuclear tests conducted by Pakistan at 1515 hrs PST on 28 May 1998 ... The tests were performed in a secret Chagai weapon-testing laboratories, located in the Chagai District of the Baluchistan Province of Pakistan ... The Chagai-I— the first public nuclear tests operation of Pakistan— is considered a milestone in the history of Pakistan that was conducted in a direct ...
Chagai District - History
... Chaghi/Chagai District was created in 1896 ... Chagai district was attached to Kalat District in 1957 but was detached after two years ... Chagai sub-tehsil was created with effect from 1 October 1985 ...
... Chagai Hills, a Pakistani nuclear test site and a region of landform in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran ... Chagai-I, refers to Pakistan's five nuclear tests ... Chagai-II, refers to sixth Pakistani nuclear test ...