CCM may refer to:

  • Certified Consulting Meteorologist, a person designated by the American Meteorological Society to possess * Constrained Conditional Models, a machine learning framework.
  • Cardinal Courier Media at St. John Fisher College.

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... Sierra (Star Song, 1994) US CCM #10 Devotion (Chordant Records, 1996) US CCM #16 Story of Life (Chordant, 1998) US CCM #23 Change (Pamplin Music, 2000) US CCM #32 The Journey (Pamplin, 2001) ...
... of Cerebral Cavernous Malformations (CCM) illness ... Cerebral cavernous malformations (CCMs) are vascular malformations in the brain and spinal cord made of dilated capillary vessels ...
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... Armstrong-CCM Motorcycles was a British motorcycle manufacturer ... Alan Clews formed CCM in 1971 from what was left of BSA's off-road competition team and bought spares to produce his own motorcycles ... For most of the 1980s Armstrong-CCM was producing about 3,500 trails and motocross bikes, as well as the military off-road machines ...
CCM (cycle) - History - Procycle Group Inc.
... At some point, Procycle renamed CCM to 'CCM cycle' to better differentiate the brand from the separate CCM Hockey business ... In 1999, the CCM brand turned 100 years old ... a 101 year history, over 10,000,000 bikes had been manufactured in Canada bearing the CCM name ...