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T-1000 - Description - Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
... It masquerades as Catherine Weaver (Shirley Manson), the co-founder and current CEO of ZeiraCorp ... Weaver" often has mixed results when socially interacting both with subordinates at ZeiraCorp and Weaver's daughter Savannah (portrayed by Mackenzie Smith ... Catherine Weaver is first seen in the second season opener when she purchases the late Andy Goode's Turk computer system for $300,000 from an associate and then introduces ...
List Of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Minor Characters - H - John Henry
... Happen at the One Two Point", is a sentient computer built by Catherine Weaver's Babylon team at ZeiraCorp ... over the building's electrical service at Weaver's insistence, so that he can route electrical power to his servers as necessary to develop his mind ... demonstrates a childlike sense of humor, the manifestation of which baffled its programmers and Weaver ...
List Of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Minor Characters - W - Catherine Weaver - T-1001
... Despite the revelation that Weaver is an enemy of Skynet, it is still unknown where her allegiance lies ... Weaver hints at her motives in the episode "Born To Run" when she asks Cameron, "Will you join us?" through messenger James Ellison ...
List Of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Episodes - List of Episodes - Season 2 (2008–2009)
... Catherine Weaver, CEO of ZeiraCorp, is introduced ... Meanwhile, Catherine Weaver continues her new project ... Ellison uncovers information about Catherine Weaver, which convinces him to accept her offer 5 ... "Goodbye to All That" Bryan Spicer Ashley Edward Miller Zack Stentz October 6, 2008 (2008-10-06 ...
List Of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Minor Characters - M - Matt Murch
... Throughout the season he acts as Catherine Weaver's consultant about John Henry ... He seems to be rather intimidated by Catherine Weaver but it's highly likely that this is due to her strict and no-nonsense behavior than it is from her true nature ... Voyage of the Jimmy Carter" Matt Murch has a secret file, with no date, held by Catherine Weaver which states that he resigned and relocated in a different city implying that ...

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