Carnitine O-acetyltransferase

Carnitine O-acetyltransferase

In enzymology, a carnitine O-acetyltransferase (CRAT, or CAT) (EC is an enzyme that catalyzes the chemical reaction

acetyl-CoA + carnitine CoA + O-acetylcarnitine

Thus, the two substrates of this enzyme are acetyl-CoA and carnitine, whereas its two products are CoA and O-acetylcarnitine.

This enzyme belongs to the family of transferases, to be specific those acyltransferases transferring groups other than aminoacyl groups. The systematic name of this enzyme class is acetyl-CoA:carnitine O-acetyltransferase. Other names in common use include acetyl-CoA-carnitine O-acetyltransferase, acetylcarnitine transferase, carnitine acetyl coenzyme A transferase, carnitine acetylase, carnitine acetyltransferase, carnitine-acetyl-CoA transferase, and CATC. This enzyme participates in alanine and aspartate metabolism.

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