Caries is a progressive destruction of any kind of bone structure, including the skull, ribs and other bones, or the tooth, teeth, or teeths. Caries can be caused by osteomyelitis, which is a microorganism disease. A disease that involves caries is mastoiditis, an inflammation of the mastoid process, in which the bone gets eroded.

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Dental Restoration - Restoration Classifications
... Class I Caries affecting pit and fissure, on occlusal, buccal, and lingual surfaces of posterior teeth, and Lingual of anterior teeth ... Class II Caries affecting proximal surfaces of molars and premolars ... Class III Caries affecting proximal surfaces of centrals, laterals, and cuspids ...
Caries Vaccine
... A caries vaccine is a vaccine to prevent and protect against tooth decay ... major etiological agent of human dental caries ... In 1972, a caries vaccine was said to be in animal testing in England, and that it would have begun human testing soon ...
Caries - Types
... Dental caries is one of many types of caries ... Dental caries affects different parts of the teeth, (enamel, dentin, or cementum) in the crown or the root of the tooth ... Lactobacillus, which produce lactic acid as the products responsible for the caries ...
Caries Vaccine - Attempts Using Replacement Therapy
... anti-caries, which prevents S ... anti-caries ... anti-caries population would be frequently replenished through use of a chewing gum containing the organism ...
Streptococcus Sobrinus - Pathology
... humans and enhances the formation of caries within teeth ... mutans with the prevalence of caries ... sobrinus is also affiliated with early childhood caries, which are responsible for the majority of dental abscesses and toothaches in children ...

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