Caribbean Sea

The Caribbean Sea is a sea of the Atlantic Ocean located in the tropics of the Western hemisphere. It is bounded by Mexico and Central America to the west and southwest, to the north by the Greater Antilles, to the east by the Lesser Antilles, and to the south by South America.

The entire area of the Caribbean Sea, the numerous islands of the West Indies, and adjacent coasts, are collectively known as the Caribbean. The Caribbean Sea is one of the largest seas and has an area of about 2,754,000 km² (1,063,000 sq. mi.). The sea's deepest point is the Cayman Trough, between the Cayman Islands and Jamaica, at 7,686 m (25,220 ft) below sea level. The Caribbean coastline has many gulfs and bays: the Gulf of Gonâve, Gulf of Venezuela, Gulf of Darién, Golfo de los Mosquitos, Gulf of Paria and Gulf of Honduras.

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... Late on August 20, the storm moved across Martinique into the Caribbean Sea, during which its low-level circulation became disorganized ... As Tropical Storm Dorothy moved further into the Caribbean Sea, it began a gradual weakening trend initiated by a persistent tropical upper tropospheric trough, as well as the presence of strong ... forecasters remarked the potential for re-intensification over the western Caribbean Sea ...
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... The Caribbean is the setting for countless literary efforts often related to piracy acts and swashbuckling ... All of the action of the Monkey Island series videogames takes place within the Caribbean sea area ... It is also well known as the location of the Pirates of the Caribbean films, featuring Port Royal ...
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... Shifted back to New London, Tullibee deployed to the Caribbean Sea in January 1969 following refresher training and continued developmental work ... operations in the Mediterranean Sea during the previous year (from 9 September to 31 October 1970) ... Atlantic Fleet Submarine Force into 1974, operating off the east coast and in the Caribbean Sea ...

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