Caprice, from the Italian capriccio, may refer to:

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Le Voyage Dans La Lune (operetta) - Synopsis - Act 3
... She escapes and finds Caprice ... To save her, Caprice suggests making Cosmos amorous by giving him an apple-based drink ... Caprice promises Fantasia that he will buy her ...
Caprice - Other Uses
... Caprice (restaurant), a French restaurant at the Hong Kong Four Seasons Hotel Caprice Bourret (born 1971), American model, actress and businesswoman ...
Caprice No. 16 (Paganini)
... Caprice number 16 is one of Niccolò Paganini's famous 24 Caprices ... As a caprice, the 16th caprice in G minor, although notated in triple time meter, consists of a continuous legato of 16th notes until its conclusion ... The caprice contains syncopated accentuated fortissimo ...
List Of Solo Violin Pieces - P
... Niccolò Paganini 24 caprices for violin (1819) Caprice No. 5 Caprice No. 13 Caprice No ...

Famous quotes containing the word caprice:

    The only difference between a caprice and a life-long passion is that the caprice lasts a little longer.
    Oscar Wilde (1854–1900)

    Such is the caprice of Romans ... who reject kings in name but not in practice, and accept an Emperor mightier than a hundred kings.
    Pierre Corneille (1606–1684)