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Cammy is one of the most popular characters in the Street Fighter franchise. She won Capcom's official "Which Character do fans most want in SFIV?" poll in 2008, gathering almost as many votes as all the other seven characters in the list combined. She also came second in Capcom's previous poll of 85 characters for the 15th anniversary of Street Fighter II in 2005 and won a 2008 poll put forth by Capcom asking the fans to choose which character they would like to see to return for Street Fighter IV. In the official poll by Namco, Cammy has been the fourth most requested Street Fighter side character to be added to the roster of Tekken X Street Fighter, as of August 2012 raking up 15.08% of votes. She is also a popular subject of cosplay.

Several media outlets also included Cammy among the top ten in their rankings of Street Fighter characters. IGN placed her as number nine in their 2008 list, noting her sex appeal and unique gameplay and (incorrectly) adding "of the four new fighters in Super Turbo, she's the only one who made a return appearance in future games." GameDaily ranked her at seventh place in their list of top Street Fighter characters for her "incredible" assassin skills and "her military motif that showcases some of the best legs in video games." In 2010, UGO Networks also placed her at seventh spot on their list of top Street Fighter characters, stating that while she does not have any projectile attacks, she "makes up for the lack of distance fighting with quick and close kicks." In 2012, Complex ranked her as the 26th "most dominant" fighting game character for her looks and her assassination scene in the anime film.

Cammy received critical acclaim for her sex appeal. She was given the Hottest Game Babe of 1993 award in Super Street Fighter II Turbo by Electronic Gaming Monthly. In 2003, GameSpy listed her alongside Chun-Li as one of the top ten "babes in games" at sixth place noting that with "leg revealing outfits she showed the world that pixelated Brit girls are sexy." In 2008, Spike featured Cammy as the tenth top "video game vixen", praising her attractiveness and attire, and named her as the fifth sexiest characters in video games, described as "a kickass character with good looks to boot". In Unreality’s "Queen of the Iron Fist Tournament" 2008, Cammy won against Seong Mi-Na (Soul), Christie Monteiro (Tekken), Morrigan Aensland (Darkstalkers) and Kasumi (Dead or Alive), before losing in the final round against Taki (Soul). In 2009, FHM listed Cammy among the nine sexiest "bad girls of videogame land", while ScrewAttack ranked her alternate outfit in Street Fighter IV as the fourth sexiest outfit in gaming, praising her contrasting costume and stating "I wouldn't even call this a full outfit, because it's pretty much just a snow jacket and some knee high boots." UGO included her in their 2010 list of top "videogame hotties" for her legs and high speed, and ranked her second on their 2010 list of fighting games's finest female fighters, stating "What's with the mixed messages? Cammy wears that outfit and then covers her exposed legs and buns with camouflage." She was also included on GameDaily's list "hottest" video game blondes. In 2011, Complex ranked Kylie Minogue's role as Cammy as ninth on the list of "hottest women in video game movies", with likeness factor of 82%. In 2012, Complex ranked Cammy as the fourth "hottest" video game character.

On the other hand, MSNBC included Cammy on the 2012 list of top five most preposterous video game outfits, stating "But Cammy, we have one simple piece of advice: Put on some pants." In 2008, GameDaily listed her among "ten babes who shouldn't meet your mom" for her "simply asking for trouble" Alpha series costume and for being a "no-nonsense assassin".

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