Caledonian is a geographical term used to refer to places, species, or items in or from Scotland, or particularly the Scottish Highlands. It derives from Caledonia, the Roman name for the area of modern Scotland. It is often abbreviated to "Caley", "Cally", or "The Caley", or — in Gaelic — "An Calaidh" (The Caley).

Caledonian is also used to refer to places or people in or from New Caledonia.

It may refer to:

  • Caledonians, the people of Caledonia
  • Caledonian Airways, former Scottish airline
  • Caledonian Canal, between Inverness and Fort William, Scotland
  • Caledonian Brewery, in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Caledonian F.C., former football club from Inverness
  • Caledonian Forest, the native woodland of Highland Scotland
  • Caledonian Ground, sports venue in Dunedin, New Zealand
  • Caledonian (locomotive), an early locomotive of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway.
  • Caledonian orogeny, a geological event
  • Caledonian Railway, former Scottish railway company
  • Caledonian Railway (Brechin), preserved steam railway
  • Caledonian-Record, a newspaper published in Vermont, USA
  • Caledonian Road (disambiguation), the name of two stations in London, England
  • Caledonian Sleeper, a sleeper train service in Scotland
  • Caledonian Stadium, football stadium in Inverness, home ground of Inverness Caledonian Thistle F.C.
  • Glasgow Caledonian University, in Glasgow, Scotland
  • The Caledonian Cup, a tournament held each year by Scottish Pro Wrestling

It is also used by Scottish institutions or societies around the world, or by groups with Scottish ancestry. For example the Caledonian Club in London.

Other articles related to "caledonian":

Caledonian Antisyzygy
... The term Caledonian Antisyzygy refers to the "idea of dueling polarities within one entity", thought of as typical for the Scottish psyche and literature ... and Cromarty, might have been willing to call 'the Caledonian antisyzygy' - we have a reflection of the contrasts which the Scot shows at every turn, in his political and ecclesiastical history ... elaborated on the concept in his essay, The Caledonian Antisyzygy and the Gaelic Idea, published in two parts in The Modern Scot 1931-2 ...
Caledonian Steam Packet Company
... The Caledonian Steam Packet Company provided a scheduled shipping service, carrying freight and passengers, on the west coast of Scotland ... Formed in 1889 to complement the services of the Caledonian Railway, the company expanded by taking over rival ferry companies ... In 1973, they were merged with MacBraynes as Caledonian MacBrayne ...
Caledonian Road
... Caledonian Road could refer to Caledonian Road, London, a road in North London Caledonian Road tube station, a tube station in North London Caledonian Road and ...
Caledonia Reds - History - Decline and Merger
... Reivers while the Caledonia Reds and Glasgow were merged to create the Glasgow Caledonian Reds ... super-clubs conintued to struggle and Glasgow Caledonian Reds, were solely based in Glasgow ... The club later dropped the Caledonian element and became simply 'Glasgow Rugby' with this eventually being changed to Glasgow Warriors ...