Cabbage Patch

Cabbage patch may refer to:

  • The Cabbage Patch Kids dolls
  • The Cabbage patch dance
  • A nickname of Twickenham Stadium in London
  • A cabbage patch may also be a plot of land on which cabbages are grown, see Allotment (gardening)
  • The Cabbage Patch is a famous public house nearby to Twickenham Rugby Stadium in London.

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patch" class="article_title_2">Fife High School - Traditions - Cabbage Patch
... From the roots of Fife's agricultural economy, the Cabbage Patch Olympics were born in 1980 ... These field games were named in honor of the many cabbage fields, which until the 00's, were still very prominent in the landscape ... on the football field, the competition consists of numerous events, most notably The cabbage throw, Hula Hoop pass, tug of war, and pyramid building ...
List Of Round The Twist Episodes - Series 1 (1989)
... Tip For Ghosts" from "Uncanny!" 4 ... "The Cabbage Patch Fib" Esben Storm Paul Jennings 25 April 1989 (1989-04-25) When Bronson asks Tony where babies come from, an ... Based on the picture story book "The Cabbage Patch Fib" 5 ... "Spaghetti Pig Out" Steve Jodrell Paul Jennings 2 May 1989 (1989-05-02) Pete finds a remote control that can control reality – when Gribble Jr's ...
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... The Cabbage Patch Fib (1988) The Cabbage Patch War (1996) The Cabbage Patch Pong (2002) The Cabbage Patch Curse (2004) ...
Cabbage Patch Dance
... The cabbage patch dance is a dance involving putting the hands together in the form of fists and moving them in a horizontal, circular motion ... The dance they made was featured in the song "The Cabbage Patch." It soon became very popular, showing up in many dance clubs in America ... The dance's name is derived from the popular line of dolls "The Cabbage Patch Kids" ...

Famous quotes containing the words patch and/or cabbage:

    Imperious Caesar, dead and turned to clay,
    Might stop a hole to keep the wind away.
    O that that earth which kept the world in awe
    Should patch a wall t’expel the winter’s flaw!
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    All his happier dreams came true
    A small old house, wife, daughter, son,
    Grounds where plum and cabbage grew,
    Poets and Wits about him drew;
    “What then?”sang Plato’s ghost, “what then?”
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)