BVI may refer to:

  • Beaver County Airport - an airport near Beaver, PA with FAA LID code BVI
  • British Virgin Islands
  • bvi, a binary file editor
  • Buena Vista International, a former division of The Walt Disney Company
  • Euronext stock market code for Bureau Veritas
  • Body volume index, a term used in anthropometry
  • submediant, ♭VI or ♭VI7, chord in minor

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... Council of the BVI Bar Association (2010/2011) Members Names President Ms ... Keisha M ...
Helicopter Noise Reduction - Sources of Helicopter Noise - Blade-vortex Interaction (BVI) Noise
... BVI occurs when a rotor blade passes within a close proximity of the shed tip vortices from a previous blade ... BVI noise can occur on either the advancing or retreating side of the rotor disk and its directivity is characterized by the precise orientation of the interaction ... In general, advancing side BVI noise is directed down and forward while retreating-side BVIs cause noise that is directed down and rearward ...
Beaver County Airport
... Beaver County Airport (IATA BFP, ICAO KBVI, FAA LID BVI) is a county-owned public-use airport located three miles (5 km) northwest of the central business district of Beaver ... three-letter location identifier for the FAA and IATA, Beaver County Airport is assigned BVI by the FAA and BFP by the IATA (which assigned BVI to ...
BVI Beacon
... The BVI Beacon is a weekly British Virgin Islands newspaper founded in 1984 and published on the island of Tortola ... by local businessman Russell Harrigan, also the publisher of Business BVI ...