Buyeo Pung

Buyeo Pung, known as Fuyo Hōshō (扶余豊璋?) in Japan, was one of the sons of King Uija of Baekje. When Baekje, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea, fell to the alliance of Silla and Tang Dynasty in 660, he was in the Wa state of Japan to ensure the alliance between Japan and Baekje. However, there is much dispute about this. "Buyeo" was the family name of the Baekje rulers.

He came back with Japanese army and Yamato general Abe no Hirafu to revive the country. General Boksin of Baekje revival forces gave him the title King Pungjang (풍장왕). He joined forces with the Baekje resistance led by a general Boksin. In 663, however, the Baekje resistance and Japan lost the Battle of Baekgang to the army of Tang and Silla, and Baekje collapsed. The prince fled to neighboring Goguryeo. When Goguryeo collapsed, he was captured by the Tang army and sent to southern China in exile. His later life is unknown.

His younger brother Zenkō (善光 or 禅広) served for Japan and was given the family name Kudara no Konikishi (百濟王; king of Baekje) by the emperor of Japan.

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