Burner may refer to:

  • Gas burner or oil burner, a mechanical device that burns a gas or liquid fuel into a flame in a controlled manner
  • Hot-air balloon device, a device to inflate a hot air balloon
  • Burner (rocket stage)
  • Burner, West Virginia
  • Raleigh Burner, a 1980s BMX bike manufactured by Raleigh Bicycle Company
  • Burner (Burning Man), an active participant in the annual Burning Man festival
  • Burner (album), a 1994 album by the Virginia math rock band Breadwinner
  • Burner (comics), a fictional mutant character in the Marvel Comics Universe
  • Burner or stinger (medicine), a minor neurological injury suffered mostly by athletes participating in contact sports
  • CD burner, a CD/DVD recording tool; see Optical disc drive
  • Slang for a prepaid cellphone

Other articles related to "burner":

Burner (rocket Stage) - Burner 1
... The Burner 1 stage was based on the Allegany Ballistics Laboratory (ABL) X-248 Altair rocket stage used for the third stage of some Vanguard launch vehicles ... For the Burner designation, Boeing equipped the stage with 3-axis control ... The first Thor Burner launch occurred on January 19, 1965 for the US military meteorological program DMSP B4A-01 satellite (first Block 4A) ...
Stirring Rod - See Also
... gloves Glove box Medical gloves Nitrile gloves Heaters and Dryers Alcohol Burner Bunsen burner Desiccator Lab oven Kiln Meker-Fisher burner Striker Teclu burner ...
Anderson's-Black Rock, Inc. V. Pavement Salvage Co.
... machine spread and shaped the new deposit of asphalt and a second machine contained a radiant-heat burner, which softened cold asphalt ... the spreading and shaping equipment along with a radiant-heat burner ... The combination of putting the burner together with the other elements in one machine, though perhaps a matter of great convenience, did not produce a ‘new or different function ...
Burner (rocket Stage)
... The Burner and Burner 2 rocket stages have been used as upper stages of launch vehicles such as the Thor-Burner and Delta since 1965 ... The currently available Burner 2 is powered by a Star 37 solid rocket motor ... Thor Altair and Thor Burner were mainly used for US military meteorological programs (DMSP), although they also launched technological satellites ...