Bruce Schneier

Bruce Schneier ( /ˈʃnaɪər/; born January 15, 1963) is an American cryptographer, computer security specialist, and writer. He is the author of several books on general security topics, computer security and cryptography, and is the founder and chief technology officer of BT Managed Security Solutions, formerly Counterpane Internet Security, Inc.

A son of Martin Schneier, a Brooklyn Supreme Court judge, Bruce grew up in Flatbush, attending P.S. 139 and Hunter High School. After receiving a physics bachelor's degree from the University of Rochester in 1984, he went to the American University in Washington, D.C. and got his master's degree in computer science in 1988. He was awarded an honorary Ph.D from the University of Westminster in London, England in November 2011. The award was made by the Department of Electronics and Computer Science in recognition of Schneier's 'hard work and contribution to industry and public life'.

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... of Microsoft's PPTP tunnelling protocol (with Bruce Schneier and "Mudge") ... Alex Biryukov) also the boomerang attack and mod n cryptanalysis (the latter with Bruce Schneier and John Kelsey) ... cipher, which was a finalist for NIST's Advanced Encryption Standard competition (with Bruce Schneier, John Kelsey, Doug Whiting, Chris Hall, and Niels Ferguson) ...
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... Schneier, Bruce ... ISBN 0-471-59756-2 Schneier, Bruce ... ISBN 1-56609-101-2 Schneier, Bruce ...

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