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Naval Operations In The Dardanelles Campaign - Submarine Operations
... The British submarine attacks had commenced in 1914, before the campaign proper had started ... On 13 December, the British submarine HMS B11 had entered the straits, avoiding five lines of mines, and torpedoed the antiquated Ottoman battleship Mesudiye, built in 1874, which was anchored as a floating fort in ... of the outer defences on 3 November, this success encouraged the British to pursue the campaign ...
SMS Hela - Service History - World War I
... These forces were surprised and attacked by superior British forces on 28 August 1914 in the first Battle of Helgoland Bight ... after another report, which stated that the British ships were retreating to the southwest away from Helgoland, reached Hela, the ship returned to her patrol station. 1914, Hela was attacked six miles southwest of Helgoland by the British submarine HMS E9 under command of the future Admiral Max Horton ...

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