British Pacific Fleet

The British Pacific Fleet (BPF) was a Royal Navy formation which saw action against Japan during World War II. The fleet was composed heavily of British Commonwealth naval vessels. The BPF formally came into being on 22 November 1944. Its main base was at Sydney, Australia, with a forward base at Manus Island.

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1945 In Aviation - Events - May
... May 2 – The British East Indies Fleet's 21st Aircraft Carrier Squadron – consisting of the aircraft carriers HMS Emperor, HMS Hunter, HMS Khedive, and HMS Stalker ... Their aircraft fly 110 sorties, bombing Japanese forces in support of a British amphibious landing ... May 4 – The British Home Fleet carries out its last operation of World War II, a raid by 44 Avengers and Wildcats from the aircraft carriers HMS Queen ...
HMS King George V (41) - Operational History - Pacific Operations
... by Howe and re-designated Task Force 57, the British Pacific Fleet was again involved in operations in late March 1945, when it launched attacks on the Sakishimo-Gunto airfields, a task it repeated in early May ... During the Okinawa campaign, the battleship supported four fast carriers of the British Pacific Fleet ... King George V moved with other units of the British Pacific Fleet into Tokyo Bay to be present at the surrender ceremonies ...
British Pacific Fleet - Order of Battle - Fleet Air Arm Squadrons
... Sources) (See List of Fleet Air Arm carrier air groups) FAA squadrons Sqdn no Aircraft type Ship Dates Notes 801 Seafire L.III Implacable May 1945 onwards part of 8th Carrier Air Group 812 ...
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... This is a list of all the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm carrier air groups that were formed 1st Carrier Air Group - formed on 30 June 1945 ... HMS Victorious for service in the British Pacific Fleet and comprised 849 Naval Air Squadron flying the TBF Avenger, 1834 Naval Air Squadron and 1836 Naval Air Squadron flying the F4U Corsair ... on the aircraft carrier HMS Formidable for service in the British Pacific Fleet and contained No ...
HMS Speaker (D90) - British Pacific Fleet
... Their role was to provide air cover (Combat Air Patrol) for the British fuelling area during Operation Iceberg (the invasion of Okinawa) ... The escort for the "logistic" force were British and Australian destroyers, sloops, frigates and corvettes (such as Pheasant, Crane, Woodcock, Whimbul, Avon, Derg, Findhorn ... carrier, with a supply of replacement aircraft for the fleet's operational losses and receiving "flyable duds" for repair and injured crew for treatment on the hospital ship, Oxfordshire ...

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