British Mandate

British Mandate may refer to:

  • British Mandate for Palestine (legal instrument)
  • Mandatory Palestine
  • British Mandate of Mesopotamia

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Commonwealth Of Nations Membership Criteria - Prospective Members - Eligible States
... (but not necessarily under the Harare criteria) Afghanistan British protectorate or other control for much of 1823 to 1919 ... Bahrain British protectorate until 1971 ... Myanmar British Colony until 1948 ...
mandate" class="article_title_2">Bayt 'Itab - British Mandate
... During the British Mandate in Palestine, some of this land was expropriated to make a large, government-owned woodland ...
Auja Al-Hafir - History
... At the start of the 1936 disturbances the British Mandate authorities used Auja as a concentration camp for arrested Palestinian Arab leaders including Awny Abdul ... During the British Mandate of Palestine it was part of the District of Beersheba ... During the British Mandate the location was a prison camp ...
Mallaha - History - British Mandate
... Mallaha during the British Mandate times had a roughly rectangular configuration that stretched from north to south, Its entire population was Muslim, and it lived mostly of agriculture ...

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