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Timeline Of World War II (1941) - January 1941
2-4 Bardia is bombed by British bombers and bombarded by naval vessels off shore ... Compass Australian troops of XIII Corps (the re-designated Western Desert Force) capture Italian-held Bardia and 45,000 Italian prisoners are taken Tobruk, the next target, is 70. 7 British and Commonwealth offensive in North Africa nears Tobruk the airport is taken ...
Mario Menéndez - Biography - Falklands War
... On 2 April 1982, Argentine forces invaded the Falkland Islands, which is British territory, and gained control that day ... On 3 April, the British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher announced that British forces had been dispatched to recapture the islands ... of the Argentine navy and air force for dominance a competition which was formally concluded on 26 April when Menéndez appointed himself head of the Malvinas Joint Command, an action which was approved by the ...
Sherani District - History - British Occupation
... "Khiderzai Expedition" gave full suzerainty to British government over Sherani District ... at which the assumption of the protectorate of the Zhob valley by the British Government was duly proclaimed ... He instructed General White that the only course left open now was to bring force of arms to bear upon these tribesmen ...
Battle Of The Duisburg Convoy - British Forces
... Force K was two light cruisers with six 6-inch guns each and two destroyers with eight 4-inch guns ... Force K under command of Captain W.G ...
Limbang Raid - Aftermath
... British forces operations continued in the area in the following days, and captured 11 more prisoners ... The intelligence they gathered suggested that the TNKU force had been undone by the Limbang battle the more committed fighters had escaped into the surrounding jungle, while the local conscripts ... Their leader, Salleh was subsequently captured by the British Forces six months after the raid ...

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