Bring IT On: All or Nothing

Bring It On: All or Nothing is the third installment in the Bring it On series of films that revolves around high school cheerleading. Directed by Steve Rash, the movie was released direct-to-DVD on August 8, 2006 by Universal Pictures.

This film, which is the second sequel to Bring It On, has a tenuous link to the previous films, featuring only a similar plot of competing cheerleading teams that have to try something different in order to win. There are no recurring cast members or canonical references to the previous films. However, the film stylistically refers to its predecessors in that it is the second in the Bring It On series to open with a choreographed musical number that turns out to be a dream sequence of the protagonist, and like all three films, the end credits feature outtakes and clips of the cast having fun dancing.

As shown in the outtakes, the film's working title was Bring It On Yet Again.

The film was followed by another sequel titled Bring It On: In It to Win It, which was released direct-to-DVD in December 2007.

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