Brian Pimental

Brian Pimental (born in 1960) is an American veteran story artist, director and screenwriter of animated films. He is best known for directing Bambi II.

Having started his career at Walt Disney Feature animation as a trainee on Oliver & Company, he went on to become a story artist on Beauty and the Beast, for which he created the "Be Our Guest" sequence as well as the "Human Again" sequence which was featured in both the Broadway play and the extended version of the film. He was also a story artist on Aladdin

He went on to become head of story and co-screenwriter on A Goofy Movie, for which he earned his first ASIFA Award nomination. His second nomination was for the film Tarzan, for which he once again headed up the story team as head of story.

His directorial debut came on Bambi II, which went on to win the ASIFA award for best non-theatrical feature. He also created the voices for the Porcupine and Groundhog in the film. Bambi II received mixed-to-positive reviews, with a score of 59% "Fresh" in Rotten Tomatoes and a rating of 6.3 stars out of 10 in IMDb, becoming his most well-known film.

A native of Massachusetts, Pimental earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at the California Institute of the Arts.'

He is currently working independently as director/writer of animated films.

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