Brady's Beasts - Characters


  • Brady Plunkett is a monster-loving 12-year-old. He first discovered his "passion" when his sister Arlene told him there was a monster outside the window, and it turned out there was. He fed it, one thing led to another and the monster disappeared into Brady's closet, where he now lives that is until the first episode in which Brady is forced to chase him away for his own safety. Brady's ideal world would be one where humans and monsters can live together.
  • Virgil Arp is Brady's 12-year-old best friend. He has been terrified of monsters since he was a child (though shown to be good friends with the Minotar and tried the mummy as a pet once) and has not been seen to be very smart.
  • Ember Tombs is 13 years old, and another friend of Brady's. She can be seen as creepy and obsessed with death. She sleeps with a voodoo doll.
  • Arlene Plunkett is Brady's 17 year old sister she originally got Brady interested in monsters when he was four. Brady often comes to Arlene for advice not knowing about the ways of the manipulative older sister only to be taken advantage of repeatedly. Strangely, she seems to be able to be hypnotised by her cell phone's ring tone.
  • Maxwell Plunkett is Brady's miserable father he has a long-running reputation as the cheapest man in Ravenville. He's highly anti-monster, seeing them as only another mouth to feed and often leads violent mobs in pursuit of monsters. He will not let a monster into his house unless he can profit from them. For instance, he gets free medical services from Dr. Jekyell.
  • Pollyanna Plunkett is Brady's kind, sweet and gentle mother who is also highly accepting of monsters, seeing them less of a menace and more "cute" leading to her constantly getting taken advantage of. She is virtually fright-proof. Like her son Brady she has a strong friendship with the Missing link.
  • Mr. Mayor is an uptight, selfish and manipulative old tyrant that runs Ravenville. He would like nothing better than to ship the monsters off to the arctic, though he has a monster under his own roof—namely the Sea Serpent. Despite his unrivaled hatred of Brady he is constantly calling him to help as Brady is the best available monster expert.
  • Igor is the man behind the monster shop and is quick to con whomever he meets into buying any monster he wants. He is shown to be a good person helping Brady with whatever hair-brained monster stunt he comes up with although still cons him into using low quality monsters and equipment.
  • Marvin and Gaye Plunkett/the twins Little is ever given about these two. They seem to communicate telepathically and only with one another and love pulling pranks on monsters like Maxwell loves money.

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