Boyer is a surname which is derived from:-

  1. The Boii, a Celtic tribe that migrated from ancient Bohemia (home of the Boii) to many regions surrounding the Alps.
  2. In England, may come from bowyer, meaning "bow maker" or "bow seller."
  3. In French, the surname may mean "ox guard" or "ox leader".
  4. In Turkish, the name may come from "boy-er", "boy" meaning "size" or "stature" and "er" meaning "man" or "soldier."
  5. It can also be a corruption or deliberate alteration of several German names.

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Brutus Network
... in February 1943, in particular through the impulsion of André Boyer ... André Boyer entered the directing committee of the Mouvements unis de Résistance (United Movements of Resistance) in November 1943 ... At the end of this year, the network was strongly affected by the arrest of Boyer, Sudreau and Hermann ...
Louis-Alphonse Boyer
... Louis-Alphonse Boyer (May 31, 1839 – May 29, 1916) was a Quebec merchant and political figure ... He was born in Montreal, the son of Louis Boyer and Aurélie Mignault, and was educated at the Chambly and Jesuit Colleges ... Boyer was the head of a lumber firm and a director of the Royal Canadian Insurance Company and of La Banque Ville Marie ...
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... Boyer is a commune in the Saône-et-Loire department in the region of Bourgogne in eastern France ...
Lewis L. Boyer
... Lewis Leonard Boyer (May 19, 1886 – March 12, 1944) was a U.S ... Born on a farm near Richfield, Richfield Township, Illinois, Boyer attended the rural schools ... Boyer was elected as a Democrat to the Seventy-fifth Congress (January 3, 1937-January 3, 1939) ...
Abel Boyer - Biography
... Abel Boyer was probably born on 24 June 1667 at Castres, in Upper Languedoc, southern France ... His father, Pierre Boyer, one of the two consuls or chief magistrates of Castres, had been suspended and fined for his Protestantism ... Boyer's education at the academy of Puylaurens was interrupted by the religious disturbances, and leaving France with his maternal uncle Pierre Campdomerc, a noted ...