Boye may refer to:

  • Boye (surname)
  • Boye County, in Hebei, China
  • Boye (band), the Serbian and former Yugoslav alternative rock band
  • Boye (dog), the poodle dog belonging to Prince Rupert of the Rhine

Other articles related to "boye":

Prince Rupert Of The Rhine - Career During The First English Civil War - Reputation
... faced numerous accusations of witchcraft, either personally or by proxy through his pet dog, Boye ... Boye, a large white hunting poodle, accompanied Rupert everywhere from 1642 up until the dog's death at Marston Moor and was widely suspected of being a witch's familiar ... There were numerous accounts of Boye's abilities some suggested that he was the Devil in disguise, come to help Rupert ...
Karin Boye - Career
... Boye was born in Gothenburg (Göteborg), Sweden and moved with her family to Stockholm in 1909 ... During her time in Uppsala and until 1930, Boye was a member of the Swedish Clarté League, a socialist group in those days very anti-Fascist ... In 1931 Boye, together with Erik Mesterton and Josef Riwkin, founded the poetry magazine Spektrum, introducing T ...
Li Maozhen - Background
... He was described as "from Boye" (博野, in modern Baoding, Hebei) — but was clearly not born there, as his family had, for generations, belonged to the Boye Army, which originally belonged to ...
Boye (surname)
... Boye is a surname of Danish origin ... People with this surname include Anker Boye (born 1950), Danish politician Erik Boye (born 1964), Danish footballer Jan Boye (born 1962), Danish politician Janus Boye (born 1979), Danish Internet entrepreneur John ...
Anker Boye
... Anker Boye (born 12 February 1950) is a Danish politician representing the Social Democratic Party ... Anker Boye was elected as mayor of Odense, Denmark's third-largest city, in 1993 and served in that capacity until 2005 ... elections by the Conservative challenger, Jan Boye, County Mayor of Funen (no relation) ...