Borealis Region

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Borealis Quadrangle - Stratigraphy - Older Plains Materials
... The intercrater plains material is the oldest recognizable map unit in the Borealis region ... The relative age and nature of intercrater plains material are as uncertain in the Borealis region as they are elsewhere on Mercury ... crater density of the intercrater plains material in the Borealis region matches that of an area on the far side of the Moon, in the region northwest of crater Tsiolkovskiy bounded ...
Borealis Quadrangle - Structure
... between intercrater and intracrater scarps (a scheme adopted in mapping the Borealis region) in an attempt to understand the tectonic and volcanic history of Mercury ... normal faults caused by tensional stresses would be found in the polar regions. 243) stated that “the NE and NW trends become nearly N-S in the polar regions.” The northwest-trending component of the postulated global grid of fractures is markedly absent in the Borealis region ...
Borealis Quadrangle - Stratigraphy - Crater Materials
... In the Borealis region, craters are mapped according to the fivefold classification proposed by McCauley and others (1981), which determines Mercurian crater ... material or occur as halos around very small craters in Borealis Planitia ... discontinuous rays, which extends across Borealis Planitia as far as the Goethe Basin, may radiate from small unnamed and unmapped rayed craters near the south ...

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