Borda may refer to:

  • al-Borda, a famous Sufi poem.
  • Borda, traditional cattle farmers' buildings in the Pyrenees
  • Borda, Goa, a town and suburb of the city of Margao in the state of Goa, India
  • Borda da Mata, a municipality in Minas Gerais, Brazil
  • Borda, the Hungarian name for Burda village, Budureasa Commune, Bihor County, Romania
  • Borda (crater), a lunar crater
  • Borda count, a single-winner election method
  • Borda–Carnot equation in In fluid dynamics
  • BORDA, Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association

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Lidia Borda
... Lidia Borda (born 1966) is an Argentinian tango singer ... Lidia Borda whom the “Rolling Stone Magazine” described as “the best tango singer of the present” is regarded as the best female voice in the last ... Born in Buenos Aires, Lidia Borda studied Fine Art, Music and Theatre ...
Bremen Overseas Research And Development Association - Regional Offices - Southern Africa
... In September 2006, BORDA started the SADC BNS program through co-operation with TED (Technology for Economic Development), a Lesotho based NGO ... Further more BORDA co-operates with the Water and Sanitation Association of Zambia (WASAZA), based in Lusaka ... The BORDA BNS network develops and delivers the following service packages Decentralized wastewater and urban sludge management, Community-Based Sanitation (CBS) with ...
Borda, Goa
... Borda(Konkaniबड्डे) is a town and suburb of the city of Margao in South Goa district in the state of Goa, India close to the city of Margao ...
Cape Borda
... Cape Borda is a headland with a lighthouse on the west coast of Kangaroo Island, South Australia and is situated 70 kilometres west from the town of Kingscote ... mathematician, physicist, naturalist, sailor Jean-Charles de Borda (1733-1799) ...
List Of Full Metal Panic! Characters - Mithril - Jerome Borda
... Borda is intended to be an homage to the late Admiral Jeremy Michael Boorda, the 25th Chief of Naval Operations of the US Navy ... Tessa calls him "Uncle Jerry" in the Second Raid, hinting Borda's familiarity with Tessa and her family as Borda was the superior to Tessa's late father ...