Bombay Hindi - Words and Expressions of Bombay Hindi

Words and Expressions of Bombay Hindi

Bambaiyya English Standard Hindi-Urdu Notes
Apun (अपुन) I (myself) Mai
Tereko (To) you Tujhe
Mereko (To) me Mujhe
Dho dala (धो डला) Beaten up Often used in the context of a physical fight/competition between two people or teams. Lit. washed up, as in the loser of the fight.
Apun ka naam (अपुन का नाम) My name Mera naam
Yede / yeda/ yedi (for girl) Idiot Pagal
Idharich (इधरिच ) Right here Idhar hi
Udharich (उधरीच ) There Udhar hi
Kopcha(कोपचा ) Corner kona From Marathi work Kopra meaning corner
Kayko (कायको )/Kayku Why Kyun
Locha (लोचा)or Locha Labacha (लोचा लबाचा) Problem Mushkil, Museebat
MachMach/ Muchmuch (मचमच ), Badbad (बडबड ) Someone who annoys you by talking their problems, crib-crib, rambling Khitpit
Sallang or Jhakaas (झकास) or fatte or dhasu or fattang or kadak or dhinchak or rapchik Excellent Barhiya, Ala
Mandavli (मांडवली) Compromise Setting, Samjhauta (समझौता) Used primarily to agree on territory demarcation
Topi (टोपी) or jholar Fraud Dhokha Slang usage, Topi literally means cap
Nalla (नल्ला) Duplicate Naqal
Shaana (शाणा) Smart fellow Hoshiyar, Sayana From Marathi work 'Shahana' clever
Saala (साला ), Saali (साली ) As Dude, wives brother/ sister Kamina, Kamini Mild swear word
Shaanapanti (शाणापन्ति), shaanpatti Acting smart Hoshiyari, Sayanapan
Kauwa (कौवा) Mobile phone Local slang, literally means crow
Ghoda (घोडा) Gun Bandooq Local slang, literally means horse
Satak le, kat le (सटक ले, कट ले) Get out, beat it Khisak le
Ghanta (घंटा) Nothing Kuchh Nahi (कुछ नही) Local slang, literally means bell
Tapori (टपोरी) Dude, guy, hoodlum Banda (बंदा) See dedicated page Tapori (word)
Mamoo (मामू) Sir Sahab (साहब), Sirjee (सरजी)
Sultana (सुल्टाना) To resolve an issue Suljhana
Fattu (फट्टू) Coward Darpok, Buzdil
Mama (मामा)/ Pandu Cop Policewala Local slang, literally means maternal uncle
Lafda (लफड़ा) Fight, problem, Love-Affair Larai, Prem-sambandh
Chhaavi (छावी) or item Girlfriend Saheli
Chikna (m.) (चिकना), Chikni (f.) (चिकनी) Fair complexioned person, well dressed person Gora (m.), Gori (f.) Local slang, literally means smooth or slick/oily
Thhaasna (ठासना) or tharra Alcohol Sharaab
Hadakna (हड़कना) To eat Khana
Bablya (बाबल्या) Bus driver/conductor or ticket collector Marathi for baby(kid)
Sutta (सुट्टा) Cigarette Cigrett This slang term has achieved near-universal usage in India and Pakistan
Waat lagna (वाट लगना) To have a major problem Museebat aana From Marathi work 'Waat Laagali'
Wat le (वट ले ), Phoot(फूट ), wantas ki goli le (वन्टास की गोली ले ) Get out,Run from The problem, save your soul Bhagana (भागना या भगाना )
Dabba (डब्बा) Police vehicle Police gaadi Local slang, literally means box
Samaan (सामान) Weapon Hathyar Local slang, literally means luggage or the stuff
Kaccha Limbu (कच्चा लिम्बू) Rookie/ Noob From Marathi word Local slang, usually used during gully cricket for a noob or to downright embarrass someone
Lafda nahin karne ka (लफड़ा नहीं करने का) Do not fight Larna nahin Larna functions a verb, lafda as a noun
Patli galli se satak le Go away from here quietly It is used when you want to warn a person by telling him to go away from the scene
Hawa aane de Go away, let me breathe some air It is used when you want to tell someone to go away
Thakela (थकेला) A weak person A local slang used for a person who is not energetic or seems dull most of the time
Hari Patti (हरी पत्ती) Money Paisa Hari Patti means green note, directly referring to the 500 rupee note, which is green in colour
Churan (चूरन) Lie Jhoot Churan is a slang used to describe a lie spoken by a person
Taliya Bald Takla Taliya is a slang used to describe a bald person especially at the crown part of the head, although can be used for any conspicuous bald person
Peti (पेटी) One Lakh Rupees Ek Lākh Rupaye One hundred thousand rupees
Khoka (खोका) One Crore Rupees Ek Karoṛ Rupaye Ten million rupees
Bhidu (भिडु) Friend Dost, Yaar
Bakri (बकड़ी) Smartphone (with a touchscreen) Local slang, literally means goat/sheep
Bhains (भैंस) Laptop computer Local slang, literally means buffallo
Haati (हाथी) Desktop computer Local slang, literally means elephant
Sumdi mein Incognito(or secret ) Chupke se Local slang, Means to something without making any noise
Bol Bacchan Talk Baatcheet Generally means talk.Also used to refer to a talkative person
Jhol Scam Ghapla,Ghotala Generally means scam.Some times can be used for arranagement ( as in "Jhol karna" )
Keeda Pest A trouble or nuisance maker
Fund To Steal,Scam Chori Generally refers to a small robbery
Re/Ray Hey! Attention grabber in conversation with another
cutting Half cup of Tea tambi, ek cutting de: Waiter: I'll take half cup of tea
dabba dalke aata hu Lavatory visit 'I'm going to the toilet'

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