Bombay Hindi

Bombay Hindi (Hindi: बम्बैया हिंदी), Mumbai Hindi or Bambaiyya is a Hindi pidgin spoken in and around the city of Mumbai, India. It incorporates words and pronunciations from Marathi, Konkani, Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, and English. Linguistically, the predominant substratum influence on Mumbaiyya Hindi is Marathi, reflecting Mumbai's location in a wider Marathi-speaking area.

Technically, Bambaiyya Hindi is not a dialect or language but a pidgin, a mixture of Hindi, Marathi, English with a strong tendency to simplify the grammar of regular Hindi.

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Words and Expressions of Bombay Hindi
... Bambaiyya English Standard Hindi-Urdu Notes Apun (अपुन) I (myself) Mai Tereko (To) you Tujhe Mereko (To) me Mujhe Dho dala (धो डला) Beaten up Often used in the context of a ...