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The Blossoms - History - Later Years
... Darlene eventually left The Blossoms in 1974 and Jean King died of a heart attack in Las Vegas in 1983 ... Fanita kept The Blossoms going with varying personnel, backing Tom Jones, and performing on the Las Vegas circuit until 1990 when she became a backing singer for Doris ... death in 2000 from breast cancer Fanita revived The Blossoms with original member Gloria Jones and a new third member ...
Cherry Blossom (disambiguation)
... Cherry blossom or Sakura is the blossom of cherry trees, genus Prunus ... Cherry blossom or Cherry blossoms may also refer to Cassia javanica subsp ... nodosa, Palawan cherries, also called appleblossom shower, and Javanese cassia Cherry Blossoms (marriage agency), a marriage agency Sakura (cigarette ...
Peach Blossoms
... Peach Blossoms are a candy made by Necco at The New England Confectionery Co ... of Necco Candy Buttons Clark Bar Haviland Thin Mints Mary Jane Necco Wafers Peach Blossoms Sky Bar Squirrel Nut Caramel Sweethearts ...
... In botany, blossom is a term given to the flowers of stone fruit trees (genus Prunus) and of some other plants with a similar appearance that flower ... Blossoms are either pink or white depending on the species or variety ... Peach (including nectarine) blossoms, most cherry blossoms, and some almond blossoms are usually pink ...
Colour Blossoms
... Colour Blossoms (桃色, Toh sik) is a 2004 Hong Kong art film written and directed by Yonfan, and the third in an informal trilogy of films inspired by Tang Xianzu's The Peony Pavilion ... The original Chinese title of Colour Blossoms literally translates as "Peach Colour", a euphemism for sexual desire, one of the central themes in the film ...

Famous quotes containing the word blossoms:

    Fortune, honour, beauty, youth,
    Are but blossoms dying;
    Wanton pleasures, doting love,
    Are but shadows flying.
    Thomas Campion (1567–1620)

    Your thighs are appletrees
    whose blossoms touch the sky.
    Which sky? The sky
    where Watteau hung a lady’s
    William Carlos Williams (1883–1963)

    Listen, Buster you and your quick-change acts aren’t going to hang orange blossoms all over me just because you feel the cold weather coming on. No thank you. I’ll go back where I can be honest without getting kicked around for it.
    John Lee Mahin (1902–1984)