Blade Efficiency

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Steam Turbine - Principle of Operation and Design - Turbine Efficiency - Reaction Turbines
... In the reaction turbine, the rotor blades themselves are arranged to form convergent nozzles ... The steam then changes direction and increases its speed relative to the speed of the blades ... Blade efficiency Energy input to the blades in a stage is equal to the kinetic energy supplied to the fixed blades (f) + the kinetic energy supplied to the moving blades (m) ...
Steam Turbine - Principle of Operation and Design - Turbine Efficiency - Impulse Turbines
... which is converted into shaft rotation by the bucket-like shaped rotor blades, as the steam jet changes direction ... A pressure drop occurs across only the stationary blades, with a net increase in steam velocity across the stage ... The steam leaving the moving blades has a large portion of the maximum velocity of the steam when leaving the nozzle ...

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    Baruch (Benedict)

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