Black Orcs

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Black Orc
... Black Orcs are a fictional race, a sub-breed of Orc appearing in Warhammer Fantasy Battle Warhammer Fantasy, created by Games Workshop ... Black Orcs are the biggest, meanest and strongest of the Orc Goblin race ... Willful and independent-minded, Black Orcs get their name from having darker skin than regular Orcs commonly black or very dark green ...
Chaos Dwarfs (Warhammer) - Forces - Black Orcs
... in the history of the game, the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers tried to breed their own Orc race, a race of slaves that could work in the most hostile parts of their realm ... They already had thousands of Orc and Goblin slaves, but the Chaos Dwarfs found them unruly and inefficient because they would, as is their habit, often fight amongst ... selection, the Chaos Dwarfs created a new type of Orc stronger than an ordinary Orc but more loyal and not given to squabbling ...

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