Black Comedy

A black comedy, or dark comedy, is a comic work that employs black humor, which, in its most basic definition, is humor that makes light of otherwise solemn subject matter, or gallows humor. The definition of black humor is problematic; it has been argued that it corresponds to the earlier concept of gallows humor.

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... Black Comedy and White Lies, retitled The White Liars, were presented at the Lyric Theatre, London under the title The White Liars and Black Comedy on ...
Black Comedy (disambiguation)
... Black comedy refers to a genre of comedy that deals humorously with serious or disturbing subject matter ... film and TV comedy featuring characters of African ethnicity, including Blaxploitation Black sitcom Black Comedy, a one act play by Peter Schaffer William Shakespeare's Problem plays Dark Comedy may ...
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... is perhaps the most put-upon adolescent in film history in Todd Solondz's bitterly hilarious black comedy Welcome to the Dollhouse." At, critic Jim Emerson ... I recommend this film to anyone who enjoys black comedies, or who wants to be taken back to the terrors of high school." ...
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... An example of a situation comedy that is also black comedy is M*A*S*H, which, like the film version of M*A*S*H that had inspired it, treated the Korean War as a subject of black comedy ... The cartoon series Courage the Cowardly Dog is a dark comedy ...
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Famous quotes containing the words comedy and/or black:

    It is comedy which typifies, where it is tragedy which individualizes; where tragedy observes the nice distinctions between man and man, comedy stresses those broad resemblances which make it difficult to tell people apart.
    Harry Levin (b. 1912)

    ... black progress and progress for women are inextricably linked in contemporary American politics, and ... each group suffers when it fails to grasp the dimensions of the other’s struggle.
    Margaret A. Burnham (b. 1944)